Beats N Grind & Mr Trouble

November 29 2019 | 8PM-1AM

The Stratford is excited to welcome Charlie Dark, East London DJ, creative, influencer and founder of Run Dem Crew to curate Friday nights in the Mezzanine. On Friday 29th November, Charlie Dark presents Beats N Grind & Mr Trouble.

Nav aka Beats & Grind is a true ‘vinyl head’, inspired by soul, funk and rare grooves and the influence they had with every genre of music. A core part of Run Dem Crew as well as Balamii radio show host.

Hailing from Newham and having spent a lot of time in the old Stratford, Mr Trouble will often be heard bringing to the slick new Stratford the sounds of the underground one minute and then switching it up to remind you of the good old sounds of the yesteryears. House, Garage, Grime, Soul, you name it, Mr Trouble can play it.

When not shutting down Run Dem Crew parties both locally and internationally he can be found DJing for brands such as Lululemon, Lionsgate Films and Nike.

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