PATTERNITY at The Stratford: Mindful Marbling Workshop

March 31 2020 | 7PM-9PM

Surrender to states of creative flow and learn the ancient craft of marbling with PATTERNITY

“Happiness is a good flow of life.”– Zeno of Citium

How can the philosophy and serendipity of the traditional craft of marbling help to uplift, unwind and unleash our inner creativity? Get hands on with the PATTERNITEAM, connect with your unique creativity and intuition and learn about the marvellous craft of marbling. Lose yourself in moments of flow and join us as we create magnificent marbled masterpieces to take home and enjoy.

Experiencing flow states: In a culture of rigid self-help programmes and controlled creative processes, we celebrate the joy of serendipity. The ancient craft of marbling brings to life the psychological reality of ‘flow’, where action and awareness are effortlessly united. Our wellbeing is enhanced as we enter a ‘flow state’, losing all concept of time as we fully embrace the now.

With marbling no two prints are ever the same. Each artwork acts as a beautiful blueprint celebrating one moment in time. Whilst there is room for personal exploration and experimentation, the marbling process is difficult to control with many variables that affect the outcome. We learn not to worry about the blank piece of paper that begins every project and, instead, surrender to the process, opening up to the unknown. Together, we experience the wonder of creativity and flow.

Ticket price includes a range of cards, prints and posters to marble on and a short inspiring talk on the positive philosophy and uplifting principles of flow.