PATTERNITY at The Stratford: The Year In Pattern Patternitalk

February 25 2020 | 7PM-9PM

Explore the patterns shaping culture and creative industry into 2020 and beyond with PATTERNITY’s Liv Taylor / Brief Research Brief

“When patterns are broken, new worlds emerge.” ― Tuli Kupferberg

Join PATTERNITY collaborator and cultural researcher Liv Taylor to explore the Year in Pattern 2020. Bringing together the future trends and patterns that are shaping culture and the creative industries, we’ll also consider what connects us to the seasonal cycles in order to improve our wellbeing and replenish our creativity. The inspirational talk will look at the global patterns and events that will shape the beginning of our next decade, and how these changes might impact us professionally and personally.

Liv Taylor is a visual strategist and researcher that works with clients and organisations to shape creative thinking. Liv’s insight connects high and low culture, the established and unexpected for collaborators from fashion, design, retail, hospitality and the cultural sector to contextualise the future and uncover inspiration from the past. She founded Brief Research Brief, offering this insight to small design teams and start ups.