PATTERNITY at The Stratford: Your Yearly Pattern Intention Setting Workshop

January 28 2020 | 7PM-9PM

Set your positive pattern for the year ahead with Tiu De Haan. Creative ritual design and intention setting workshop.

“Living a life we love is possible when we bring our creativity to the art of making of moments of meaning.” Tiu de Haan

How do we create a life that is truly mindful, magical and meaningful? The answer lies in our ability to fill it with deliberately designed moments, rituals, cycles and patterns, that fulfil our need for creativity and connection, both with ourselves and with others.

Create the year that is beginning by taking a moment.

This class will help you to recalibrate your compass by visioning the year ahead around the things that really matter to YOU. You will map out your intentions and guide your progress not by the achievement of the usual external goals but rather, by the moments of meaning. Tiu will take you through a powerful, playful and profound series of exercises to help you create a year from the heart, rather than the head.

• Make a map of meaningful moments and magic in the mundane

• Dream into what you want to experience, create, celebrate and cherish in 2020

• Bring a bird’s eye view to the sparkly path ahead

• Learn some of the daily practices that can keep you on track

• Explore new challenges – while honouring self care

• Appreciate the micro steps while you set off for the mountaintop

Tiu de Haan is an Oxford educated ritual designer, creative facilitator and inspirational speaker. She specializes in the possibility of wonder, reminding people how to shift their perspective to see the magic in the mundane. Her workshops, online courses and one to one adventures are all about creating moments of meaning that connect us to ourselves, each other, and our own creativity. She has worked with Google, L’Oreal and the UN, and her Tedx talk ‘why we still need ritual’ is all about the art of celebrating the transitions of life, love and death.

All participants will receive a discount code for Tiu’s 4 Seasons online classes to help you stay on track with your pattern and your intentions for the rest of the year.