Soulful Sunrise: Vinyasa Yoga & Singing Bowl Meditation with Hongyi Huang

Awaken the body, mind and soul on the 36th floor sky garden at The Stratford. Held during the Divine Time, experience peak spiritual energy and clarity before the days distractions and bustle.

An introduction to Iyengar yoga in his early 20s would mark the start of a 20-year yoga journey but it was only after moving to London that Hongyi discovered and began to explore the myriad of styles that the city offered. He has been practising the Vinyasa style since and appreciates the dynamism and physicality as well as calming qualities. A desire to further his practice and deepen his knowledge in yoga led him to complete training as a teacher.
Through emphasis on linking movement and breath, Hongyi’s classes aim to synchronise qualities of strength with qualities of stretch, to bring an overall toning and sense of awakening to the body and mind.

Practising against the backdrop of a towering city skyline, expect an energising, sunrise Vinyasa sequence finished with deep, nurturing stretches and be gently awakened by the peaceful sound of a singing bowl whilst nestled in the serene settings of a Japanese sky garden.
Equipment provided. Please note there are no available changing rooms or showers.