thy.self presents Self-Love vs Narcissism

This July we welcome Thy.Self to The Stratford for an evening of discussion, education and networking within a safe, strictly non-judgemental environment, for an exclusive community for those who identify as female. Beginning with a group meditation involving sound gong therapy, guests will then explore the distinction between self-love and narcissism in today‚Äôs society with a panel of speakers: How does narcissism develop? How to spot a narcissist? How self-aware of your own behaviour? Join us as we take on pop-culture and it’s views on self-care, self-love and in particular, it’s relation to narcissism.

What to expect:

A complimentary welcome drink
A deeper and real understanding of personality disorders like narcissism
How does narcissism develop and what can we do about it?
How to spot a narcissist… Do they even know they are one?
How self-aware are you on behaviours you display? Could these be seen as narcissistic behaviours?
Does narcissism really affect performance culture in the workplace
Can we make narcissism work for us, instead of against us?
No judgement (it’s in our safe-space pledge – you can pick up one of these if you havent already recieved one)
A female-only community and environment which will allow you to share your personal (and respectful) views in a safe environment