Women in 3D Printing & Women in Immersive Technologies

November 25  2019 | 6PM-9PM

Join us for a celebration and community gathering bringing together 3D printing, VFX immersive studios and creative technologists along with the leading digital designers that are pioneering the use of emerging technologies in their practice.

Hosted by Kadine James of Hobs 3D and founder of The Immersive Kind Collective, Lucy Wheeler, multidisciplinary tech artist and co-founder of The Immersive Kind Collective, and Alexandra Hussenot, founder & CEO of Immersionn and the UK lead for Women in Immersive Technologies.  Women in 3D Printing is a global organisation dedicated to promoting, supporting, and inspiring women who are using Additive Manufacturing technologies. Their mission is to increase the visibility of women in the Additive Manufacturing industry and encourage more women to use 3D Printing technologies.

Resident artists and speakers of the evening:

Salmon Universe 
Audio artists who will be providing sounds of the future with their electronic soundscapes.

Ganit Goldstein 
Ganit Goldstein is a fashion and textile designer whose interest lies in the intersection between Craft and Technology predominantly working to incorporate 3D Printing and scanning into 3D Textiles.

Blast Studios 
The Biological Laboratory of Architecture and Sensitive Technologies is a group founded in 2018 with the aim of exploring the possible relationships between new technologies and living things in order to develop new processes of artistic and architectural creation.  They will be exhibiting their products inspired by nature, sustainability,  waste, recycling and 3D printing.

Massless Massless are paving the way of VR design, to dramatically improve the way professionals interface with the digital world.  You will be one of the first to try to their 3D pen, the future of productivity, creativity and problem solving in 2D, 3D and VR.

Hobs 3D 
Hobs 3D specialise in the provision and creation of innovative high quality 3D solutions for designers, architects, engineers and the construction industry. Hobs 3D will be showcasing VR EX installations and 3D printed sculptures.


About the hosts:

Kadine James – Women in 3D Printing
Kadine James is listed as one of the top 100 female tech leaders in the UK. Kadine is the Chair of Women In 3D Printing UK and the Founder of The Immersive Kind Collective.

Lucy Wheeler
Lucy Wheeler is a multidisciplinary tech artist and was the Gazell.io July 2019 artist in residence. Lucy is the Co-Founder of The Immersive Kind Collective and supports digital learning at London College of Fashion.

Alexandra Hussenot – Women in Immersive Technologies
Alexandra Hussenot is the CEO & founder of Immersionn, the world’s first VR Discovery Engine and she is also the UK lead for ‘Women in Immersive Technologies’. Prior to this, Alexandra pursued an international business career at insurance firm, Allianz, managing a GBP£80M global business. During her 11 years at Sony she designed and launched new software and service products. She has also lead large scale operations for mobile phone repairs and re-manufacturing.

RSVP: culture@thestratford.com