The Stratford Lofts

East London’s vertical


Guests staying for weeks, months or years will head to The Stratford Lofts – a stunning collection of fully furnished, rental loft apartments with dramatic views across the London skyline. The Lofts’ vibrant community is nurtured across three extraordinary sky terraces.


Short Term Occupancy

A short-term stay at The Stratford Lofts means anywhere between seven days and three months. If you decide to put down permanent roots, all the better.

Long term occupancy

A lot can happen in a year, so a long-term stay means anything from six - twelve months. If you start with a six month stay and want to extend,

just say the word.


Connecting hundreds of Londoners across the upper 35 levels, The Stratford Lofts are the beating heart of the building’s social spirit. A revolt against the isolation of high-rise living, the studio, 1, 2 and 3-bedroom apartments embrace green space and spontaneous interaction to cultivate a vibrant vertical community. The interiors, by Studio KO, LSI Architects and Alexander Gorlin, comprise rich oak flooring, bespoke furniture and serrated floor-to-ceiling windows providing panoramic views of the city skyline.


The smallest of our Loft apartments, for up to two people, this fully furnished one-bedroom studio has interiors created by Studio KO and includes floor-to-ceiling windows with views over London, an integrated double wall bed, a bathroom and an open-plan kitchen/dining room.

Studio lofts start from £2,300 to £2,600 pcm.

One-Bed Loft

With floor-to-ceiling views of London, the one-bed Loft apartment features a double bedroom, a shower or bathroom, additional den and a modern, open-plan kitchen/dining room created by Studio KO.

One-bedroom lofts start from £2,450 to £4,250 pcm.



Two-Bed Loft

Designed for up to four people, the two-bedroom Loft apartment has floor-to-ceiling views of London and interiors created by Studio KO, with double beds, spacious bathrooms and a modern, open-plan kitchen/dining room.

Two-bedroom lofts start from 
£3,400 to £10,000 pcm.

Three-Bed Loft

With floor-to-ceiling views of London and interiors created by Studio KO, this Loft has three bedrooms – two double, one single – and two spacious bathrooms, plus a modern, open-plan kitchen/dining room.

Three-bedroom lofts start from £7,250 to £8,450 pcm.


Life at The Stratford Lofts is escapism in its purest form with complimentary monthly housekeeping including extras like laundry service, dry cleaning and an on-site property and management team to provide everything you need. Our 24-hour concierge service can walk the dog and stock the fridge too. But the real fun lies in providing access to the impossible – from our sky terraces on levels 25 & 36 to indulgent 3am requests and guest lists so exclusive they barely exist.



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    Watch the world go by over brunch on the terrace at The Stratford Brasserie. Share some classic cocktails and inventive small plates at The Mezzanine. Or take the private lift to Allegra for a night to remember.

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